The Importance of Strength Training as We Age

As we age, it becomes increasingly important to prioritize our physical well-being. One key component of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and overall vitality is engaging in regular strength training exercises. While the body naturally undergoes physiological changes with age, strength training has been proven to have numerous benefits that can help counteract the effects of aging. In this article, we will explore the significance of strength training for older adults and highlight its positive impact on overall health and quality of life.

1. Increased Muscle Mass and Strength:

Strength training exercises involve repetitive and controlled movements, targeting specific muscle groups. Regular strength training helps to preserve and build muscle mass, which naturally declines with age. By engaging in strength training, older adults can increase their muscle strength, promoting better balance, stability, and overall physical performance.

2. Enhanced Bone Health:

With age, bones tend to become more fragile and prone to fractures. Strength training places stress on the bones, which in turn stimulates the production of new bone tissue. It has been shown to increase bone density, reducing the risk of osteoporosis and fractures. By incorporating weight-bearing exercises into their routine, older adults can significantly improve their bone health and minimize the chances of age-related bone loss.

3. Improved Joint Function and Mobility:

Strength training exercises not only strengthen the muscles surrounding the joints but also enhance joint stability and flexibility. This can greatly improve overall joint function and mobility, making everyday activities easier and reducing the risk of injuries. Stronger muscles supporting the joints help alleviate joint pain and stiffness, allowing older adults to maintain an active and independent lifestyle.

4. Increased Metabolic Rate:

Aging often brings a slower metabolic rate, causing weight gain and increasing the risk of chronic conditions like obesity and diabetes. Strength training helps to counteract this by increasing resting metabolic rate and promoting fat loss. As resistance exercises build muscle mass, they raise the body’s calorie-burning capacity, leading to improved weight management and a higher metabolism even at rest.

5. Enhanced Cognitive Function:

Engaging in strength training has been linked to improved cognitive function. Studies have shown that resistance training can enhance memory, attention, and overall cognitive performance in older adults. Regular strength training stimulates the release of growth factors that promote the growth and vitality of brain cells. This has a positive impact on mental sharpness and can potentially reduce the risk of age-related cognitive decline and neurological disorders.

As we age, the importance of strength training cannot be overstated. It offers a multitude of benefits, including increased muscle mass and strength, improved bone health, enhanced joint function and mobility, higher metabolic rate, and even improved cognitive function. By incorporating regular strength training exercises into their routine, older adults can proactively combat the effects of aging, maintain independence, and enjoy a higher quality of life. So, embrace the power of strength training and make it an essential part of your aging gracefully journey.

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​Her work in Personal Training and CrossFit may seem like a departure from her work in construction, but as anyone who has met her will tell you, Coach Ro focuses her training on the whole person. After surviving a battle with fibrosarcoma which claimed her left kidney, spleen, and a part of her pancreas, Coach Ro realized the massive impact communities like CrossFit have on the health of individuals including reinforcing their innate desire to be heard and respected.

​She is a firm believer in community, diversity, and authenticity. She works to strengthen not just the bodies of those at her gym, but their self-esteem and confidence in all aspects of their lives. Coach Ro works every day to advocate for her gym members, training team, and women in the AEC industry. Although Coach Ro, works with clients all over the world with the variety of services she provides, locally, she looks forward to continuing to touch the lives of many more people in the Elk Grove Village community and surrounding areas.


She also holds an L2 CrossFit Certification as well as extensive experience with Ashtanga Yoga, Boxing and more.


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