CrossFit: The Hilariously Effective Middle Age Fitness Solution

Getting older doesn’t mean giving up on your fitness goals. Embracing middle age with a sense of humor and a desire to stay healthy can lead you to the wonderfully entertaining world of CrossFit. Yes, you read that right – CrossFit can be as amusing as it is beneficial! So, join us on this lighthearted journey as we explore the comical benefits of CrossFit for middle-aged fitness enthusiasts.
The Laughter Workout:
CrossFit is known for its unique and often unconventional exercises. From burpees to box jumps, your body will be challenged in unexpected ways, leading to moments of awkward hilarity. Struggling to climb that rope or mastering a handstand push-up might make you laugh at yourself, but it’s all part of the fun. So, expect some good-natured chuckles during your CrossFit journey.
Socializing with the Cool Kids:
CrossFit isn’t just about working out; it’s also a social experience. Joining a CrossFit box means meeting like-minded individuals who can share stories of triumph, occasional mishaps, and humorous moments during workouts. Embrace the camaraderie, laugh together, and create lasting friendships with quirky and fun-loving people who understand the joys of middle-age fitness.
Skill Building and the Element of Surprise:
CrossFit constantly keeps you on your toes. Through its blend of weightlifting, gymnastics, and cardiovascular exercises, you’ll never know what’s coming next. Embrace the element of surprise as you tackle different movements and watch your skills improve over time. It’s a fantastic way to challenge your mind and your body while enjoying the occasional moment of “Huh? What just happened?” laughter.
The Dress Code Dilemma:
CrossFit fashion is a whole new world. With sporty and sometimes outrageous outfits on display, you’ll find yourself either blending in perfectly or becoming a trendsetter with your unique style choices. Shorts that ride up during squats or neon-colored socks pulled up to your knees might elicit giggles, but hey, fashion statements are an essential part of any fitness journey, right?
Celebrating Small Victories:
CrossFit encourages you to track your progress and celebrate even the tiniest achievements. From accomplishing your first strict pull-up to hitting a new personal record on your deadlift, every goal is worth a victory dance – even if it’s an improvised, highly entertaining, and slightly uncoordinated one!
CrossFit might be challenging, but it also brings laughter, camaraderie, and unforgettable moments to your middle-aged fitness journey. Embrace the quirks, the fashion choices, and the occasional coordination fails as you strive for a healthier, fitter you. So, grab your gym shoes, a good sense of humor, and embark on this amusing adventure that is CrossFit – it’s a hilarious way to defy middle age and have a blast while doing it!

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Rowena Dziubla


Rowena Dziubla, or “Coach Ro” to those who know her, is not your everyday personal trainer. Not only is she the owner and head coach of Get Fit EGV, she also owns and operates WODeration, a small business coaching company focused on finding solutions for the architectural, engineering, and construction industries. She brings more than two decades of experience to both positions with experience in Project Management, Office Management, and Personal Training, and CrossFit.

​She also holds an L2 CrossFit Certification as well as extensive experience with Ashtanga Yoga, Boxing and more.

​Her work in Personal Training and CrossFit may seem like a departure from her work in construction, but as anyone who has met her will tell you, Coach Ro focuses her training on the whole person. After surviving a battle with fibrosarcoma which claimed her left kidney, spleen, and a part of her pancreas, Coach Ro realized the massive impact communities like CrossFit have on the health of individuals including reinforcing their innate desire to be heard and respected.

​She is a firm believer in community, diversity, and authenticity. She works to strengthen not just the bodies of those at her gym, but their self-esteem and confidence in all aspects of their lives. Coach Ro works every day to advocate for her gym members, training team, and women in the AEC industry. Although Coach Ro, works with clients all over the world with the variety of services she provides, locally, she looks forward to continuing to touch the lives of many more people in the Elk Grove Village community and surrounding areas.


She also holds an L2 CrossFit Certification as well as extensive experience with Ashtanga Yoga, Boxing and more.


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